Your local amateur acting group wants you!
Did you know we have been meeting and putting on shows in the area for 50 years next year!?
This has only been possible through new members joining and our group growing and evolving ever since 1970 when an article in ‘What’s on in Hackney’ was placed by Bill Huband asking for anyone interested in forming an amateur drama group.
If you are curious about what goes on and how to be involved with Hackney’s amateur drama group, meeting some of it’s members and discovering for yourself if being a member is for you, then come along to our open day!

We are not just looking for actors!

The Hackney Players also need people to help with:

Stage Management
Set Design and Building
Front of House

Maybe you know someone who would be interested? If so please do forward this on...
Monday 9th September 2019
Morland Estate Community Hall
Gayhurst Road,
London E8 3EY

We look forward to seeing you.

For more information about the open evening please
phone: 0780 675 3328 or email: