The classic tale of a village terrorised by Giant Blunderbore and his two evil henchmen.
Dame Trot and her two sons, Jack and Simon, are threatened with eviction from their home for non payment of rent but they have no money. The only way out is to sell Daisy the cow. On his way to the market to sell Daisy, Jack meets a stranger,(his fairy godmother in disguise) and is persuaded to sell Daisy for just 5 magic beans.
When he gets home his mother is not impressed and throws the beans out of the window. Overnight a giant beanstalk grows, it is so big it reaches as far the the giant's castle in Cloudland. However, there is more trouble in store as as the Giant's henchmen come for their money and as there is none, take Dame Trot up to the giant! Jack, followed by Simon and Jill, Simon's bucket carrying friend, climb the beanstalk to rescue her.
Will they succeed in rescuing Dame Trot? Can they avoid ending up as a giant's dinner? Will it all end happily ever after?

Of course it will! There's a fairy to help them and it's panto.

Come along and find out!

Friday18th January7.30pm
Saturday19th January3.00pm
Saturday19th January7.30pm *
Saturday26th January3.00pm
Saturday26th January7.30pm
Sunday27th January3.00pm

Doors open 30 minutes before curtain up.

Adults 8.00 Concessions 6.00

Morland Community Hall
Gayhurst Road
London E8 3EY

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