This page contains resources for the songs and lyrics which can change over the course of rehearsals
The mp3 version of the song may be downloaded by right clicking on the link and selecting 'Save Audio as' button.
The lyrics may be selected using copying and pasting.
These are not all the songs, and some of the songs may be altered as we go along.
If you have problems either e-mail me and/or talk to me at the next rehearsal.
Happy Singing!
SongSung ByTune and LyricsLink
Bad GuysRancid and RottenBad Guys
Diamonds are ForeverDame TrotDiamonds are forever
Mnah MnahGiant, Harp, Hetty & DameMnah Mnah
500 milesJack500 beanstalks
Bring me SunshineFairyBring me Sunshine
Come AliveCompanyCome Alive
Take a chance on meJillTake a chance on me